Mrs. Carmen's speech for her daughters
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Mrs. Carmen's speech for her daughters

Danna, a freshman at Christel House Mexico, proudly introduced her mother to hundreds gathered to celebrate the first 25 years of Christel House. "She's the person who has raised me to be what I am," said Danna, "the person who has given me support and encouraged me.”

Mrs. Carmen´s speech


Good morning, Christel House International family, donors, leaders, directors, teachers, and collaborators. Thank you for the privilege you have given me this day to share the path of transformation that my family and I have had since we arrived at this beautiful institution: Christel House Mexico, 19 years ago now.

Today I express my gratitude and my recognition to such beautiful people of good heart who support with your resources, hard work, and dedication in service to those who have less. We want to give a better future to our children, to have the opportunity to grow, and contribute to society.

I am the mother of Danna, who is in her freshman year of high school, and Alma Yuviet, a former student, who is about to graduate from the Universidad Iberoamericana, with a degree in Communications.

Christel House is the angel that God sent to help me get through the difficult life I had, because besides being a single mother of a little baby, I had many wounds – violence, poverty, family alcoholism, and broken dreams. When hope was gone, and my only desire was to die to stop suffering, Christel House appeared! I was dazzled and a small hope arose…that my little baby that I was still carrying in my arms would study here – my baby, who is now only three months away from graduating from college and becoming a great, professional young lady, is prepared and ready to go out to face the world and testify that you can do it when you really want to. But this has not been achieved by itself – it has taken work, perseverance, some tears, and above all we have had to keep the faith and conviction to achieve it.

Today I want to tell all of you that in addition to all the above, you have been the greatest support in our lives, after God, so that this will be achieved and continue to achieve great victories! You who have supported us, driven us, prepared us, and encouraged us to achieve this. You have taught us to dream, to fight, and to be brave. You have taught us great values that today guide our lives: RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, RESILIENCE and GRATITUDE. How can I not thank you and commit myself to continue giving the best of myself, as a mother, as a woman, and a citizen of this country? How can I not commit myself to leave in the world beautiful women who contribute, who add to this society that today needs it so much?

Dear Christel House, today I promise publicly that my daughters and I will not let you down. Today it is my daughter’s turn to study. But one day I hope to go for those dreams, no matter how old I am and maybe we will see each other again to tell you that I made it.

Thank you all. Thank you Ms. Christel DeHaan to the heavens, thank you for giving my daughters the opportunity to "sit at the table of life." Thank you for transforming and giving hope to the lives of our children and families. Today you should know that I am not afraid to face the world with all the challenges it has. I have learned to work hard. I have learned to defend myself and to choose how I want to live. I love my life. I love my daughters and I love being part of this great family – Christel House International.

Thank you. God bless you!

Maria del Carmen – October 2023, Christel House Mexico

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