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Students experiencing poverty need good role models

Christel House shows kids the job opportunities they don't see at home. Starting in 1st grade, Christel House introduces career guidance to begin preparing students to study careers that will optimize their strengths. Christel House helps them select universities, determine their course of study and identify a career path. Students are assisted in completing admissions applications, securing scholarships and preparing for interviews. They receive tuition assistance, stipends and continued medical services if they continue postsecondary studies. And we stay in regular contact with their universities and employers to mentor students through successful academic performance and job placement.

Our College & Careers Program keeps the door open to a brighter future for our graduates. Unique to Christel House, the College & Careers Program guides learners in the last leg of their journey from graduation to employment. After High School, graduates are supported and mentored through continued education and/or apprenticeships until they are firmly established in the work force. 

Christel House also ensures that students are exposed to various industries by facilitating job shadowing activities, transporting them to and from their job shadowing experience to ensure maximum participation. Each year, the number of students in this program grows as more students graduate form Christel House. 

I feel inspired to help others just as Christel DeHaan did with me and my family. Thank you for making our dreams come true.
-Jesus Morales - Christel House Mexico, 2009 graduate