Our Vision: A world where poverty does not limit potential
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Christel House de México, A.C.

Cda. Rufina 40, Col. Tacubaya
C.P. 11870, Ciudad de México
Phone: 5530040932

Email: losninos@mx.christelhouse.org



98% student retention.

95% student attendance.

7 hours a week of English.

100% of the students used their social service.

133 annual hours of teacher training.

236,438 breakfasts and meals served throughout the year.

100% of our students with nutritional monitoring and mental health care.

100% with visual, dental and hearing evaluations.

100% of the students received addiction, sexual education and bullying workshops.

97% attendance of parents at their community service

98% attendance at the “School for Parents” program.

Contact with 90% of alumni, of which 56% study and / or work, 31% work and 13% carry out other activities.