Growing up at Christel House Mexico
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Growing up at Christel House Mexico

She's been a familiar face at Christel House Mexico (CHMX) since she started in first grade. Flor R., is now in high school. "The nine years I've been at CHMX, I have seen a lot of changes. I have seen a lot of changes in me – a lot of learning and maturity," she says. "I have developed a different vision of things. Christel House has given that to me."

Flor’s grandmother, Miss Magdalena, has raised Flor since she was born. Flor’s biological mom died during childbirth and her grandmother became Flor’s guardian. Together, they share a one-room home with her uncle. She’s grateful to be growing up with Christel House. “I like the positive attitude of my teachers. They motivate me to learn and pay attention,” she says. “I love the facility, the garden, the labs, the art classroom. My school is beautiful.” Flor’s been selected a School Leader at CHMX. “I think I was elected because I have a good bond with all my classmates and foster them to participate in the school activities. I love when the group shares ideas and we build something together,” she says. While she doesn’t have just one favorite subject in school, she admits liking “everything that includes math!” Flor also enjoys her after-school dance class. “The activity helps me to reduce stress – the music and the dance is a combination I like to feel.” While she still has time before she graduates high school, Flor says she can imagine herself working in the tourism or restaurant industry, traveling around the world. “I would like to share with other countries the Mexican culture and Mexican dishes.”         

Flor was featured in a video for Christel House Mexico when she was very young. CLICK HERE to watch a first day at school.  

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