Miss Aude: Caring is the Christel House difference
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Miss Aude: Caring is the Christel House difference

Students at Christel House Mexico know Audelia Córdoba Cano as Miss Aude. She’s celebrating 33 years as a teacher, including 10 years at Christel House. With so much experience in the classroom, Miss Aude says the care students receive at Christel House sets the school apart from other schools.

“It’s the love and the passion with which we demonstrate our teaching vocation,” Miss Aude says. In May, CHMX recognized the impact their teachers have on student lives. Miss Aude teaches middle school Math I, II and III. After so many years, she still finds joy in teaching her kids. “A long time ago, my father told me that when someone finds something really good inside, they must share it. Essentially, I think that’s why I do it.” Then she adds, “It’s also true that if I didn’t love and enjoy what I do I couldn’t do it. When I get to be close to the kids, they offer themselves, and the work becomes very simple.” One student inspiring Miss Aude is Ari M., an 8th grader. Ari says her Christel House teachers, like Miss Aude, are very good. “I feel good learning,” she declares. Looking ahead, Ari’s planning to study nursing at UNAM, The National Autonomous University of Mexico, one of the best universities in Mexico. “At the end of my studies, I hope to find a job where I can help people and live in a comfortable environment and be happy with my family.”      

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