Mexico alums now hospital interns
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Mexico alums now hospital interns

Four Christel House graduates are continuing their education with internships at hospitals in Mexico. Rosa Guadalupe Morales Florencio (pictured) graduated from Christel House Mexico (CHMX) in 2013 and is interning at Hospital General Xoco. "I always knew I wanted to be a doctor," she says. Rosa rotates in various specialties like surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and emergencies. “When I was at Christel House, I met an OB/GYN that gave us a talk about his job, the big impact in other’s lives, and all the great things that someone in the medical field can do. I decided that is what I wanted to study.” When her internship is complete, Rosa will do her professional exam. “Then I’m going do a year of social service in a clinic where I’m the only doctor for a community.”

Gael Sebatian Valdez Martinez graduated CHMX in 2020 and is doing an internship at CISAME (Centro Integral de Salud Mental) a hospital specializing in the mental health of individuals. “I am focused on the area of child psychology,” he says. Gael credits the College & Careers program for “the big push to awaken all the potential that I had inside me. I am achieving the goal that I set for myself when I started my studies.”

Abril Grecia Avila Rivera, class of 2008, has finished her degree as a medical surgeon and is currently working on a postgraduate degree in Family Medicine. She says the CHMX College & Careers program supported her through high school and university studies and offered critical personal support to help her overcome family difficulties. Abril is planning for her future: “When I finish my postgraduate degree, I plan to work for the IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute) for a while. Later I want to set up a private office and earn my master’s degree in family therapy.”

Monica Denisse Reyes graduated from CHMX in 2019. Focused on nursing, she is currently interning at the San Angel Inn Hospital, rotating through various services including the intensive care unit. “Thanks to the College & Careers program I was able to know I wanted a career in nursing,” she says. You can read more about Monica here:                    

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