Celebrate our newest graduates at Christel House Mexico
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Celebrate our newest graduates at Christel House Mexico

Christel House Mexico (CHMX) celebrated 54 students as they received their high school diplomas. According to Harry Guest La Vercombe, College & Careers Manager, many of the new graduates are continuing their education. The class of 2022 has 28 students enrolled in four-year university programs, six are taking post-secondary courses, and 16 grads are in the middle of the application process.

Several CHMX students performed during the ceremony. A troupe of first graders, many who had been mentored by the senior class, performed a special dance while dressed in caps and gowns for the graduates. “The first graders, they had an ongoing relationship with the seniors through legacy activities,” says La Vercombe. “It was their idea to help!” Then English teacher Linda Garcia, chemistry teacher Roberto "Bobby" Yañez, and La Vercombe got the Class of 2022 on their feet and led them in an energetic, celebratory line dance. 

Gabriel Oropeza, CHMX Board Chair, summed up the festivities with a special message to the graduates and their families. "In Christel House, you take away knowledge, but more importantly, you take away values. Be proud ambassadors of this marvelous institution that Christel DeHaan created."

Watch the video above – even if you don’t understand Spanish, the joy and happiness requires no translation.

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