Siblings excel at Christel House Mexico
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Siblings excel at Christel House Mexico

Jesus, Maria, and Lucio have attended Christel House Mexico (CHMX) since first grade. While there are a few years between each, having siblings in the same school offers support! “It’s the best,” says Maria. “When my older brother was at Christel House, I wanted to be there! And when my little brother was also accepted, we were very happy!”

Their family moved to Mexico City from a rural part of the country where girls do not have opportunities to study. Mom found work as a house maid and the children found an education at Christel House, where they have excelled. Graduating from CHMX, Jesus received a scholarship and is studying Graphic Design at Ibero University, one of the best universities in Mexico. Maria will graduate from CHMX this summer. She will continue her education and plans to be a lawyer while sixth grader Lucio is dreaming of a career in music when he goes to college.  Looking back, Jesus says his high school years at Christel House gave him a positive perspective. “I realized the difference of the education I was receiving,” he says. “I really valued the teachers, the friends and the opportunities.” Youngest brother, Lucio, is also grateful for his teachers. “I like my school,” he says proudly. Maria says meeting the late Christel DeHaan, Founder of Christel House, was her favorite special moment. “I was very nervous,” she says. “But she gave me strength and an understanding of why I’m here. I’ll never forget it.”        


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