Mitzi Salinas - Graduate Success Story
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Mitzi Salinas - Graduate Success Story

“Christel House allowed me to expand my horizons, to be self-confident and to know that everything that I dream can be done,” says Mitzi Salinas, a 2012 graduate of Christel House Mexico. When she was only 18 years old, Mitzi launched her dream – and is blazing a trail as an entrepreneur.

Mitzi says the high academic standards at Christel House motivated her to earn a communications degree in college. She describes the creation of Vogma, her online footwear business as a curious event. “I wanted espadrilles (casual canvas sandals), but I couldn't find any to my taste,” she says. Searching, she found a pair she liked but had to commit to purchasing at least a dozen from the supplier. Using her social networks, Mitzi found many interested in buying the same shoes. She recognized an opportunity to créate her own business. Taking orders online, she bought the shoes, then packaged, marketed and sold them. “I’ve done it all on my own,” she says of launching Vogma. While working as an assistant at a law firm, Mitzi saved money and continued her sales, making a profit. “I started little by little,” she admits. “I had to be patient and hardworking.” With a growing base of customers, Mitzi discovered how to propose her own footwear designs. “For that I needed more capital,” she says. With her mother’s help, Mitzi got a bank loan and transitioned from buying shoes from a supplier to working with a local manufacturer, creating and selling her own designs. She continues to improve and grow her online business. “Christel House gave me a solid basis in my life, empowered my skills, and made me a confident woman,” Mitzi says. “Thanks for everyone who makes this wonderful school possible.”

You can see Mitzi’s work and online business, Vogma, at the following links:

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