Hearing check-ups for children in Mexico
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Hearing check-ups for children in Mexico

Students at every Christel House around the world receive regular health care screenings. Learning can be a challenge if you can't hear. Over 100 children at Christel House Mexico (CHMX) received hearing evaluations to promptly detect and address any difficulties that could limit learning.

If hearing problems are identified for a student, the school can take action with a treatment plan that can include the delivery of hearing aids. “Hearing issues can generate barriers to learning,” says Ingrid Aguilar Mejia, CHMX Community and Health Coordinator. “It doesn’t affect the intellectual capabilities of a child but it can affect communication and could compromise academic performance.” Thanks to the the support of the Frank Devlyn International Rotary Club, CHMX students benefitted from the group’s first social service project since the pandemic started. Volunteers from Starkey, a global hearing technology company, performed the hearing tests on the children. “Our families face so many challenges,” says Ingrid. “We’re grateful for the support of our Christel House kids.” 


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