Overcoming obstacles takes character
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Overcoming obstacles takes character

Ximena Miroslava is known as Miros by friends and staff at Christel House Mexico. She's also known as a generous and excellent student. Demonstrating the best Christel House values, Miros is the 2021 CHMX Knebel Character Award winner.

Don Knebel and Jen Knebel established the award to recognize and celebrate the integrity and good character of a Senior who embodies a desire to help others and make a positive difference in his/her community, courage in overcoming personal challenges, determination in the face of defeat, and steadfastness in living by Christel House values. “I started out as an introverted girl afraid of going out to the world,” Miros says looking back at when she joined Christel House in first grade. “I had to start to meet new people, which without a doubt was a great challenge for me. But I worked on it, I received help, and I met great people who have helped me gain confidence.” The support she received at Christel House over the years inspired Miros to tutor young girls in her neighborhood. “I met some exceptional girls who during this pandemic had not learned anything, so I helped them,” she shares. “Today I feel very satisfied to have been able to contribute a little in their lives and know that in a few math and English topics, they are now almost experts.” She says being part of the Christel House family carries a great responsibility to give back. “No matter where I am I want to return everything Christel House has given me because I want many people to feel the same feeling that I had at this moment,” she says proudly.

This fall Miros will study at Anahuac University in Mexico. She received a scholarship to the university for her outstanding academic performance.   

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