Pandemic support earns honor in Mexico
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Pandemic support earns honor in Mexico

The American Society of Mexico (AMSOC) is saluting Christel House Mexico (CHMX) for its “outstanding humanitarian contribution to the community during the year of 2020.” Javier Alarcón Benet, CHMX Executive Director, says the distinction honors the school’s committed staff and board. “I feel so grateful to work on this great mission with great colleagues.”  

Christel House was one of a handful of organizations honored by AMSOC (including United Way Mexico, Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity among others.) “They have faced big challenges,” said AMSOC in their announcement. “They have been working intensely with creativity, tenacity and professionalism to carry on with their important mission.” Christel House families faced economic uncertainty. With lockdowns, 89% of parents of CHMX students either lost their jobs or suffered significant reductions in income. Christel House staff responded, organizing food drives to safely provide thousands of meals and critical resources for students and their families. In 2020, through the AMSOC Organizations Steering Group, CHMX forged alliances with new community partners. “Without AMSOC, those new relationships wouldn’t have been possible,” says Alarcón Benet. “We are proud to have been awarded this Certificate of Excellence for how we faced the pandemic.”      


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