Graduate honored with Knebel Character Award
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Graduate honored with Knebel Character Award

Citlali, a 2020 graduate of Christel House Mexico (CHMX) has overcome personal hardships growing up. But this remarkable young lady has a giving spirit. Citlali’s desire to help others along with her courage and determination in the face of challenges is why she was selected as the CHMX Knebel Character Award winner for 2020.

Citlali’s mother left and her father passed away when she was a young child. But her grandmother (whom she calls “Mom”) has raised Citlali and her younger brother. “She has shown me what it is to be strong and brave,” says Citlali. “She has been a great mother.” Citlali finds joy in helping others. “When someone smiles at you it is the best thing that can happen to you in the day.” Citlali deserves the award says Tania Álvarez, CHMX Head of school. “Citlali represents the Christel House kid – no matter how much she has struggled in life, she’s always been committed, determined, independent, but above all, grateful and generous to all around her.”  Jen Knebel and Christel House International Board member Don Knebel established the Knebel Character Award to salute students who exemplify the Christel House core values of respect, responsibility, independence and integrity. Citlali dreams of one day giving back to Christel House for the many years of support. “Thanks to them I was able to grow ethically, mentally and morally.”


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