Brothers find vocational path to digital careers
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Brothers find vocational path to digital careers

Cesar Luna and Gustavo Luna attended Christel House Mexico (CHMX). But after graduating from a public high school, the brothers struggled to find jobs that would allow them to be self-sufficient. They reconnected with Christel House. With the guidance of the College & Careers program, Cesar and Gustavo decided to enroll in vocational classes. The brothers discovered new digital careers.

Cesar and Gustavo credit Gina Reyes, CHMX College & Careers counselor, for introducing them to Code Room, a web development, education and employment program to assist young people with limited opportunities. Code Room was developed by Nativo, a social media strategy company. Over 8 months, Cesar and Gustavo learned how to program and create applications. With CHMX support, the brothers earned computer programming certifications. Gustavo was hired by Nativo. Cesar now works as a webmaster for WeDeliverMedia. “Christel House has always given me help when I needed it,” says Cesar. He returned the favor, teaching computer classes at CHMX. The brothers appreciate their new careers. “Christel House gave us this opportunity,” says Gustavo.

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