New scholarship offers tuition and a job
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New scholarship offers tuition and a job

Christel House Mexico (CHMX) graduates have an exciting new opportunity – a scholarship that pays full university tuition costs, offers access to a career mentor, includes a company internship, and eventually employment and a salary for the student! Alsea, a major multi-brand restaurant corporation in Mexico, is sponsoring the new generous scholarship. CHMX CEO Javier Alarcon joined Alberto Torrado, President of Alsea in presenting the scholarship to graduates Luna R. and Fernanda R. Ivonne Madrid, Director of the Alsea Foundation, and others also participated in the announcement.

Luna and Fernanda were selected for the four-year program based on their leadership and problem-solving abilities. Alsea sees the scholarship as a way to find the next generation of leaders at the company. “Alsea believes in the power of education,” says Georgina Reyes, CHMX College & Careers Coordinator. “They have joined the Christel House Mexico mission to transform the lives of children.” Luna, now studying Social Communication at the Panamerican University, sees the scholarship and mentorship as a fantastic opening for graduates. “I’m very excited to start working at Alsea,” she says. “It’s a great opportunity!”   



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