"Providing the Most Important of Opportunities" - Guest Blog by Judy Kleiner
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"Providing the Most Important of Opportunities" - Guest Blog by Judy Kleiner

“Early in June, I had the good fortune to visit Christel House Mexico. It was my third trip to this school and my 11th visit to a Christel House school. For this trip, I brought a family member, Vicki, to see what Christel House is all about.

We were greeted warmly by the entire student body, faculty and staff.

Next, each visitor was assigned to student guides from the 6th grade. This was a chance for these students to practice their English and show off their school.

Throughout the classrooms, learning was taking place. Students were attentive, well-behaved and engaged. There was an energy in every part of the school. The students’ bright and shining faces, clean uniforms and neat hair were in sharp contrast to the environment in which they live.

In the afternoon, we visited the homes of three students. It is truly impossible to understand the hardships and poverty the students and their families endure; however, visiting with the families gets you a little closer. I understood why when one of the students was asked what she liked the best about Christel House, she said the computers and the bathrooms. Yet, despite these conditions, you witness the same feelings of hospitality, pride, hope, love, dignity and sacrifice we all experience. You feel the commonality that we all share.

If you care at all about children, education, teaching or making the world a better place – you HAVE to visit a CH school. This is one of the few places I have found where true and lasting change is happening to transform the lives of children born into poverty.

Please consider contributing to Christel House. This is an organization of truly amazing people doing things everyday that break the cycle of poverty not only for their current students but also for future generations. They deserve our support. And go visit!!! It will change your life and give you hope - I promise!”

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