Celebrating Children in Mexico
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Celebrating Children in Mexico

Many countries celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. In Mexico, children are recognized with a special day of their own – it’s called Children’s Day. “It’s a day that focuses on loving, accepting and appreciating children,” according to Ana Cervantes Legorreta of Christel House Mexico. It’s also a day for fun and play that is celebrated across the nation. Christel House Mexico students and teachers joined the festivities on April 30 with a series of events for the children. Special guests for the day were associates from AT&T who volunteered in each classroom, interacting with the children and leading activities with educational games and prizes for the students.

A highlight of the day was “Luchas Libres” – one of Mexico’s most popular and biggest spectator activities. It’s Mexico’s version of professional wrestling with “good guys” versus “bad guys.” Some lucky young students were invited to participate in the show and the children loved it. Christel House Mexico staffers got into the spirit of the festivities modeling the wrestling masks that are part of the sporting event.

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