Christel House model rebuilds trust in education
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Christel House model rebuilds trust in education

This story and video, which features Christel House Mexico, was published by the World Innovation Summit for Education’s Euronews on Dec 9, 2014.

Among OECD member states, Mexico tops the dropout rates from school. Only 65% of Mexicans pass through elementary level and barely 46% make it past middle-school. 

The problem is most severe in Mexico City's slums, yet there exist efforts to change the situation. Christel House provides free education; the only prerequisite is a students' attendance rate of 95% and a required level of marks in their work.

At this school students spend 9 hours, during which they have breakfast and lunch. Parents can focus on their work without having to worry about their children's whereabouts. Parents are also required to attend 10 workshops a year and cooperate with community work. Getting parents involved is key in the Christel House model. The World Bank is studying this model to see if it can be applied in other countries.

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Ref: Learning World: S5E11, part 2/3

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