Coding Bootcamp opens opportunities for girls
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Coding Bootcamp opens opportunities for girls

Twenty young women from Christel House Mexico (CHMX) were invited to spend a week at one of Mexico’s top universities, ITAM (Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology). The students participated in a Technology Bootcamp focused on introducing coding to young women. “It was a very competitive environment,” says Maria G. “I learned a lot of things that I wouldn’t have imagined before.”

“The main intention of the Bootcamp is to provide a different opportunity for young women, giving them a place to learn, share, and compete - so they can create an environment where programming is not a complex thing to learn,” says Daniel Espinosa Basurto, CHMX Master Teacher for Innovation and ICT. “The girls also attended conferences given by young professional women working at big enterprises, sharing their experiences and giving the girls a reference on what they can achieve if they start learning coding languages.” Each student attending the Bootcamp received a diploma with an ITAM and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) certification. This is the first time Christel House participated and the girls are already looking to the next one. “I’m very proud because I won one of the contests at ITAM,” says Ailyn G. “I want to participate next year.” Basurto says the environment was excellent in terms of companionship, content, and activities. “I saw how the Bootcamp opened a perspective to a lot of the girls,” he says. “At the very end of the week they got new friends, they understood that coding is not that hard, and they can achieve a lot learning it.”   


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