Mexico students returning for in-person classes
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Mexico students returning for in-person classes

After 18 months of remote learning, Christel House Mexico is slowly and safely bringing students back for in-person learning. For 12th grader Fernanda A., respecting new safety rules to be together with friends and teachers at school is worth it. “We really missed being here at Christel House, our other home.”

Students are returning to the campus in assigned groups. To maintain social distancing the school is using a hybrid schedule, rotating students through a schedule of in-person and remote learning. Safety protocols are a priority. Once classes started, students were made aware of the necessary care to protect themselves, their teachers and classmates according to Gina Reyes, CHMX High School Principal. “All students attend school with a kit, where they bring face masks to change during the day, antibacterial gel and a bag to dispose of their used face masks.” All CHMX teachers and staff are fully vaccinated. While excited to have students back in school, everyone is cautious and careful. “Distance education has been a challenge,” reflects Reyes. “It taught us a lot – resilience, patience, flexibility, and above all the commitment to our community. Christel House has shown us that indeed, nothing is impossible when we put our heart and effort into achieving it. Our students are back in school, we can't wish for anything more.”

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