Mexico offers hope for resilient parents
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Mexico offers hope for resilient parents

Christel House Mexico (CHMX) teachers and staff have been in regular communication with students for remote learning throughout the pandemic. The school has also been connecting with families – developing virtual health and nutrition sessions based on parent requests. Parents see Christel House as a “light of hope.”

According to Ingrid Aguilar Mejía, CHMX Community and Health Coordinator, 170 parent workshops were presented through the school year. Hundreds of parents logged in for a wide variety of sessions from COVID-19 safety to helping family members handle anxiety during the lockdown.  “We developed several surveys to identify main family concerns and developed School for Parent sessions based on that,” says Ingrid. “We offered counseling and directed families to institutions that could provide emotional, legal or medical support, emotional crisis intervention at home, and help looking for a job.” CHMX continues to provide nutrition support for families and Ingrid says families are very appreciative, with many volunteering to help at the school. “I really admire Christel House parents,” she says. “They didn’t stop doing their best to feed their kids, to help them with school, to attend Christel House virtual commitments, to attend School for Parent sessions.” A recent positive development in Mexico – some children have been allowed to return to the school for remedial courses. “CHMX is alive again with students,” beams Ingrid. “We’ve heard very sad stories through the last year. My conclusion is: Christel House parents are resilient!”  


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