Why I support Christel House Mexico
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Why I support Christel House Mexico

As a child, Marcela Osuna was inspired watching her mother and grandmother make clothes for their family. Today, this talented businesswoman has designed her own line of children’s clothing. And for every dress she sells, Marcela makes a gift to support kids at Christel House Mexico.

“I am Mexican and the Founder of @sumaclothes,” she says. “All our products are hand-made by artisans in Mexico.” Marcela, her husband and two daughters live in Houston. But while her business is based in Texas, she ships clothes around the world. With global success, she wanted to give back. “I was looking for a way to help kids in Mexico,” Marcela says. “We found Christel House and love the mission.” While the pandemic has prevented travel, she hopes to eventually visit the school she supports. “Children are the hope and future of the world. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to contribute.”

Marcela’s designs can be found at www.suma.shop

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