Technology Day encourages STEM careers
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Technology Day encourages STEM careers

In the middle of a global pandemic forcing students to learn from home, 25 Christel House Mexico (CHMX) students participated in a virtual day offering a refreshing perspective on careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.)

Fernanda A. is passionate about drawing. She was very interested in the Technology Day because she wants to be a Graphic Designer. “Technology will play an important role for me since creating on a computer requires knowledge and skills – you must learn to use programs and apps to improve your technique,” says the 11th grader. The virtual event included speakers and engaging demonstrations and activities. Verónica Trevino, CHMX English As a Second Language Coordinator, supervised the students. “The event offered a new perspective on the things they could achieve with STEM as part of their lives.” She also appreciated that most of the speakers had Latin roots. “Students noticed the importance of bilingualism in their lives,” she says. “It inspired them to continue with the hard work and good grades at school.”

AT&T sponsored the Technology Day event.

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