Character scores at soccer tournament
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Character scores at soccer tournament

An annual school soccer competition is bringing students and their teachers at Christel House Mexico (CHMX) closer together – on the playing field. Teams of four students and one teacher compete during recess in separate boys and girls soccer matches. To join the tournament, students commit to displaying the Christel House values of respect, responsibility, integrity and independence.The values come into practice as students display good sportsmanship.“The tournament is very helpful in getting more involved and having fun with our great community,” shares Luis M., a high school goalkeeper. “Competing with players of different ages is a great bonding experience.” The soccer competition is closely followed by the whole school. Teachers see the positive impact on students. “I love how this event encourages children to bond with their teachers and makes the school more united,” says Ivan Contreras, a CHMX alum and health/science teacher. Judith Díaz, CHMX’s physical education teacher sums it up best: “This sport promotes discipline, commitment and teamwork that carries over into the classrooms of Christel House. Above all, students learn to motivate and support each other every day.”

Additional thoughts from our students and teachers about the tournament:

Adolfo F., Sports Coordinator for the Student Council

The tournament at school began two years ago. For me, tournaments are important as they help us to live as a group and make us have a healthy competition, in addition to demonstrating your skills.As a sports coordinator of the Student Council, I am delighted to know that high school children and prepare this type of activities always commit themselves to the end of the values ​​of the House of Christ as respect, integrity and responsibility. For me it is an honor to be involved in the coordination since past years I have enjoyed every game with my group and I am very happy to be organizing this event in the current school year. Enjoy and have fun is what I expect from our tournament. Unfortunately, I could not win the tournament, I hope this year is the good one. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the student council and give my all so that the school receives the best.

Cinthya S., Student Council President.

The tournaments at Christel House are always a motivation for students who live peacefully and enthusiastically in something they love as sports. It has been three years since it has been carried out and the results have been positive, both for the student community and for the teachers and directors of the school. As a student president, I am very happy to know that students enjoy every activity planned for them. I hope that in the coming years, students will continue to enjoy this and that they have a culture of sport, respect and good coexistence among them.

Luis M., Goalkeeper at CHMX

This class of tournament helps us to live together, with the team with whom you play even with the baton of the whole high school. My experience has been one of the best. I have reached my highest level - competing with players of different ages benefits us.The results of these tournaments have been very favorable to get more and more students involved and to have fun as the great community we are. My experience as a high school goalkeeper has been the best. I represent Christel House with great pride and respect. I hope to continue playing and keep thinking that I am one of the best to represent the school.

Judith Díaz, Sports class teacher

I am very happy to participate in this type of tournament. For me football is life, passion, happiness and what better way than to transmit and share with our students. This sport promotes values, discipline, commitment, teamwork.Chrisel House is their second home, what's better than doing sports. The environment is fun, companionship and above all they help each other to motivate themselves and continue day by day.

Ivan Contreras Lizcano. Teacher, Health and Science

I have been participating in the football tournament for 2 years. For me it is very important to be able to have these types of events that encourage sport, teamwork and competition. It helps build the character of the children to be able to practice their values, and develop leadership skills. They also strengthen their tolerance and respect for others as a healthy coexistence. Something that I love is that it encourages children, they love to live with their teachers and make them more united. In the classroom there is an atmosphere of constant emotion and greater group union because of the tournament.


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